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Futures & Options Training

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What This Program Covers

Part 1

  • Basics of Futures
  • Unconventional approach to trading Futures
  • Creating your daily trading Stock Basket
  •  Risk reward ratio v/s volatility
  •  Capital Allocation and exposure in Futures trading

Part 2

  •  Basics of Options
  • The HY" of Options Trading
  • Selecting the right Strike price
  •  Unlocking the Simplified Options Matrix
  • Conventional V/S Unconventional Approach
  • Active v/s Passive Income through trading options
  • Mindset of a Pro Options Trader
  • Types of Incomes
  • Identifying Options Trading Basket
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Most people have no idea about how to trade Futures & Options. I’ve even seen amazing traders fail because they lack an understanding of leverage instruments.

You are NOW embarking on a journey with me, that is going to put value into your pocket. You are being armed with the knowledge necessary to attract wealth beyond your wildest imagination.

But with that, it’s important to know EXACTLY how to trade Futures & Options with our simple and effective tools. Doing this ONE thing correctly can save years of time off of your path to a 7, or even 8 figure lifestyle…

That’s why I created a specific action plan on “How To Trade Futures & Options with proper risk management tools.

This Program Works Because It Reveals
The Secrets Of The Most Successful Futures & Options traders.